New Uses for Old Things

Do you have something lying around that you can't bear to throw away but you just can't figure out what to do with it?  Here is the place to find ideas of how to turn your old "vintage" stuff into something new and useful.

Do you have an idea on how to use something in an unusual way you'd like to submit?  Drop me a note at  Be sure to include your name, so I can give you credit for your interesting twist on the usefulness of an object!

New Uses for Vintage Jewelry

Clip On Earrings

Do you have a drawer full of your (or your grandma's) old clip on earrings and just don't know what to do with it?  Here are a few suggestions to help give those funky doodads new life.

* Use as earrings (hee hee...had to throw that one in for grins.)

* Clip on your shoes for a perfect addition to your wardrobe. In the 1920's this was very popular...shoe clips to dress up your shoes. I have a pair of black Mary Jane's and I use clip on earrings to spark up my shoes all of the time! They are truly fabulous and unexpected.

* Clip one to the front of your blouse or t-shirt for a touch of sparkle.

* Clip it to a bobby pin in your hair for a stunning work of vintage art in your hair.

* Clip to your purse strap for a fun purse embellishment.

* Attach a clip on earring to a simple chain for a stunning work of art on your neck!

The possibilities are endless!

Antique Salt and Pepper Shakers

Oh what to do with that lovely little collection of salt and pepper shakers your grandma gave you.  Mismatched shapes, sizes, colors and some tops have gone missing!  My favorite thing to do with vintage salt & pepper shakers (I actually have a collection going) is to take the tops off and store them safely, then use them as tiny vases!

I think a lovely wedding centerpiece for a table would be a small mirror laid on the table topped with a little collection of mismatched vintage salt and pepper shakers holding the wedding flowers.  Throw in a couple of sparkly candles or tea lights for a night wedding and you have a beautiful, vintage, truly unique centerpiece.

Why just for weddings, though!  I do this on my table for special occasions, or just when I need a little visual pick-me-up.  Somehow I always feel more feminine when my table is cleared from clutter and topped with a lovely flower arrangement.